New Calendar, New Process

This calendar has been a bit of a different process for me than others, thanks in part to Mabel. She has an obsession with pens; as in, she takes the pen from your hand, finds a piece of paper and then scribbles across the page (even if the cap is still on) like she's taking notes on everything going on around her. While I love her interest in writing instruments, it makes it hard to do any sort of detail oriented pattern making.

Instead, this year, I've made pages and pages of paint samples, scanned them in, and used them for texture throughout the calendar. June is the most obvious example of this, and the most colorful month of the year, by far.
Coincidentally, June is also the last month to show off. The calendars are officially full price and hot off the presses. What does that mean? Well, for the 35 calendars already claimed, yours will arrive very soon, and for the rest of you'uns, you've still got a couple months to mull over what you want to use to keep track of 2011. {ahem.}

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