remedial questions and slow photo

When we moved the laundry room upstairs {part of the kitchen redo} Hi-C gave up his darkroom {a roomy closet} for the greater good: clean clothes. His equipment was scattered all over the house, the different parts squooshed into whatever leftover storage space we had.
Post-yard sale we reclaimed one of the bathrooms for its rightful purpose, but still didn't use it.

In a matter of a day, the bathroom became C's new darkroom. No, it's not pretty but it works!

Why does Hi-C need a darkroom in this crazy-fast digital age of cameras? Hot little hand-crafted pinhole cameras, my friend. He's made a handful of versions in the past, each one an improvement upon the last. Every lesson learned from those experiences has culminated into the Point and Shoot Pinhole.

I know nothing about photography. In art school I stayed away from photography for several reasons: It seemed too literal for an abstract gal like me and it seemed too technical for an impatient gal like me. Now the idea of slowing down and enjoying the process seems like an incredible luxury and a practice in feeling present.

How often do you forget where you are and what you're doing because you can snap 300 pictures in a matter of minutes, simply getting lost behind the lens?

Now I find myself asking all sorts of questions about film and negatives, paper, development and light meters. Yes, Charlie laughs at most of my remedial questions. One day I'll figure it out. Until then, I'll keep looking into his dark room, when it's not in use, in wonder and with great curiosity.

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Jeana Marie said...

Oh it's lovely! In 8th grade I made a pinhole camera out of an oatmeal box...it was such fun (I took shop - they did a photography segment) . Memories that have always stuck with me. Wish I knew more about film and so forth too.