And we're back. . .

We're back from Portland, and the wedding events then a shower for a soon-to-be-married lady made me reminisce about my own nuptials. We got home and I looked through our book of wedding proofs (4 1/2 years later and we still don't have actual prints of the pics! The cobbler's children have no shoes.) and showed Mabel Mama and Papa. She pointed us out in the pictures even though we were both a few pounds lighter, I had super long hair and C had plenty of facial hair.

Charlie's bearded-side shows up annually as the weather cools, making fall the perfect time to peruse The Beardly (via Design Mom).


Jessica said...

How was Portland?!?

Love the photo of the guys. I was also married in the Fall; it's the best.

Sweet Ronit said...

Ha! When we got married digital was just coming out, so our wedding shots are all film. But it's been ten years and no album - I have to wade through them when I want to look!