It's kid clothes week again. . . I wonder if I can just postpone KCW until we get back? My sewing machine is still in the car from the beach. This is the life of a new mom, isn't it? Or should I say this is the life of a mom.

I've only used one of the patterns I bought after the last KCW Challenge. Blerg.

Mabel has some new {store-bought} clothes and the pants she's wearing in this picture are absolutely the cutest things ever. They're actually leggings with little ruffles around the ankle. I want them for myself.

Kids clothes are wasted on the young.

I don't know if I'm going to have a chance to check in again this week, but I'll be reading comments if you've got any suggestions of places to see in Portland! (And thank you gals for the great suggestions so far!)

I will be on Modish on Friday (and by the time my post is up I'll have already met Miss Modish in person!) and will be back here on Monday. See you then!

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