Badminton fabric? Yes, kids, now you can get your very own badminton birdies on your choice of woven or knit material!

It's okay. Take a moment to weep with joy. We'll wait for you to gather yourself before we journey on over to Spoonflower.

Meanwhile, the big trip to Portland is a couple days away. I've got a few things on the want-to-do list (Japanese Garden, Collateral Matters, farmers market) and one thing on the will-definitely-do list: meet up with some super cool people.

What else should we add to the agenda?


Brittany said...

If you have time, Blue Pig Cafe on 50th and Division is amazing! It's my favorite place to eat in town. Local food, vegetarian options, everything is DELICIOUS!!

Sweet Ronit said...


Thanks for reminding me about Collateral Matters! The Chinese Garden is close to the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and is also lovely (though my favorite is the Japanese Garden, and you'll be visiting at the prettiest time). Also near there are some really fun and inspiring shops - Radish Underground, Frances May, and Canoe. There's a start - the list of things to do here can be endless!

See you soon!


jena said...

aww, yay! I can't wait!!