these are exciting times, my friends

When I first started out on etsy I did a whole lot of different crafts and kept working until I found something I could maintain interest in. Turned out, that was drawing!

One of the first product lines that got me some blogland attention was the Color It Yourself line of bear drawings. They were cheap and fun, and coloring was still largely a kids market so it was a relatively new idea for adults to take a moment and sit down and color. {At least on etsy, I believe.} Remember that?

We draw, you color. Together we make sweet, sweet art.

Suddenly, boom! Wolfie and the Sneak was born! {Well, they were already born or I wouldn't have had a business name. . . let's not get all literal here.} Then 3+ years ago I had an idea to do pillows as CIY {Color It Yourself}, but never got around to them. . .until {drum roll} now!

Today I proudly introduce to you CIY pillows. Each comes with 6 colors of textile paint, a paint brush and directions on how to paint and care for your pillow. The pillows are 18 x 18, with a deep envelope back, making the insert easily removable and the cover totally washable.

There are 2 bear versions available, but I was pretty happy to get the owl and the donkey finished last night, so look for pics of the others in the near future. There might be a giveaway coming up, too {hint hint}.

Yes, these are exciting times, my friends!

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Piece Unique said...

Oh I love those pillows! I could see one in my home without any problem. Why just one actually???

Sheshanna - PIECE UNIQUE