Nearly a year already?

This is really going to get old if every post is an apology for being too busy to take pictures, an exclamation about how mobile Mabel is, followed up by a look at this neat thing I want/need.

Instead, it's time to gather creative ideas for a certain someone's first birthday. As Hi-C said, "It seems like she's been a part of our lives forever but also like she was just born a week ago." True that, Hi-C. True that.

So here are a few cute ideas for decorating my special # 1's first birthday party: everything from Sweet Lulu {a new shop owned by the sweetest of Sweet Jessie}, fluttery butterflies and blank cards to custom print invites from Paper Source, and maybe some retro-inspired goodness filled goodie bags like kazoos, heart and star shaped sunglasses, and Sweet Tarts.

What's with the retro theme? I've been scouring thrift stores for some of the old standbys C and I had as kids (or at least remember playing with at friends' houses). Some finds so far? Chatterbox telephone, Fisher Price Airport, Busy Box and it's cousin the Surprise Box. . .

Hmmm, are these choices going to inhibit her own ability to relive the cultural icons of her childhood when/if she has children?! Well, at least the colors will go well with my Sweet Lulu faves, right?

(thanks to eBay for the images. . .must get camera out and take my own pictures.)

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