First things first: the light by the window in the kitchen makes that particular window a moth magnet. Since the entirety of the Matthews moth community convenes at said window, the spiders of Matthews also convene there for the daily buffet of bugs for dinner. That said, ignore the nasty spider webs in the window, please.

During my pregnancy and the birth of one adorable Mabel, my time has been mostly devoted to her and my house plants have suffered. Really really really suffered.

Half of them died last winter when I missed the weather cue and let them stay outside unprotected through the first frost. That included the pineapple tree I'd nurtured through 2 previous winters and re-potted a handful of times over the course of several years. I loved my pineapple, had a secret pride in keeping it alive, actually.

I had about 5 spare minutes 2 days ago and popped this one in some soil. Cross your fingers for me, okay?

Today I'll be doing more garden-musing over on Modish. Won't you join me as we glide into a relaxing weekend of doing all the fun things that suit us best?

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