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It's going to take me until this afternoon to get my eyelids open today. While I'm working on that {with a hydraulic jack or fork lift--wait, not the forklift, that sounds painful} I'm going to focus my bleary eyes on reading all buttoned up and dream of a time when I can sit down with my sewing machine.

Or maybe search the internet high and low for a more local source to make a rope banister. {via shelterblog} We've already got a brass bell hanging in the stairwell, perhaps the rope idea isn't such a bad one. You know I like me some ropes.

Light house chic or total piece of poop deck?

* * *the weight loss gritty* * *

I don't say much about this whole weight loss thing, but I go on Wednesdays to weigh in, so yesterday was weigh in day. Lots of times {mainly when I think I've had a hard bout staying on track} I try to talk myself out of weighing in. I go anyway, because it would be a downward spiral for me to accept an excuse one week means I can let myself slide, slide, slide down the slippery slope. So I go and see and grimace until the news is delivered.

This is the progress chart from the Weight Watchers website. Not too pretty, except for the stars. I like stars.

Yesterday was one of those days, grimace and all. Remember the plateau and dampened spirits? Well, I fought through it, stuck with the program, got out and exercised a little, and am back on the side of pre-pregnancy weight. I'm down 20 pounds total, but have to lose another 31 to get to a healthy weight. {With WW you set a goal somewhere inside the healthy range of weight for your height and lifestyle. Once you reach that you no longer pay the membership fees but can still attend meetings and use the support system to stay on track.}

This is going to get into some hairy math: I had a goal weight of XXX pounds when I made the 20 pound pledge on the blog. I'd already lost 16 pounds when I made that pledge and, simultaneously, hit the wall. Since making that pledge {a month and half ago} I gained a little then slowly lost it and am back on track to losing the big 20. The big 20, as of yesterday is now a "big 16!" but with less than 8 weeks to go. I'm reassessing my goal, but if I stick to 2 pounds a week I'll still be pretty close to it.

Anyone out there on the journey with me? What's working for you?

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mckenzie said...

I just made a rope banister! Nice! (well, sisal rope anyhow.) Cabin chic I guess...