into the daydreams. . .

These houses are the scenes that make up my daydreams. A farm cottage expanded with something bright, modern, airy and visually interesting.
Far enough removed from neighbors that an outdoor shower would be the perfect end to a day in the garden. No worries of creepies getting peekies.

As for the now, we need that fixture in one of our upstairs bathrooms. It's a bathtub, no shower, and we're showerersesers. See? It would make that bathroom so much more functional. Anyone have an idea where to get that piece of beauty? The info on Remodelista didn't give much of a clue, Michaela Scherrer and Rozalynn Woods created this serene bathroom in the 1940s pool house at the Pasadena Showcase House. A quick search for "Clawfoot Tub Shower Faucet Riser" returned some promising, not-as-pricey-as-I-expected options, but that finish looks almost galvanized, and how charming would that be?

That's also why I haven't been reading many other blogs lately. . . too easy to add to the wants list.

On a totally different note, I've been stalking BlogHer blogger posts to catch a glimpse of my print at the Voices of the Year Gala. So far no luck. Anyone out there see it in person? It'll be up for auction in a few weeks I hear. My print was paired up with this post.

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