Heh, I forgot I'd played a little with the layout yesterday, so when I signed in today I had a pleasant little surprise! What do you think? Like it? Too busy?

There is still a little bit of tweaking to do, but overall I'm pleased.

On a totally unrelated note: A certain little girl waved and whispered "Bye bye" back to me this morning as I was leaving the house. Of course I stopped mid-track, looked at Hi-C as tears welled up in both our sappy love-stricken eyes, and we said simultaneously, "Did you hear that?"

Then Miss M broke into a fit of giggles and doubled over at our silly reaction. It took all the will power in the world not to climb into a family pile and hug and giggle and celebrate the moment.


Shayna said...

Oh wow, how did you not climb into a family pile? That face...oy.

And the blog looks great!

ps- Thanks for your nudging...it's been a wild time this summer!

jena said...

awww, "bye bye!" how cute! I can't believe she'll be taking now. Craziness!

Luna Levy said...

your little girl is sooooo cute :)