On Monday, the day after C got home, I got up, took a shower, did some hair removal, painted my nails, put on a dress and heels, a couple swipes of mascara, styled my hair and put on a dab of the fancy perfume he gave me for Christmas.

Nothin'. Nada. I said, "Do you like my new shoes" and got an, "Oh, I didn't realize they were new. They're cute."

How do you get your Mr to notice you when you're in the thick of acclimating to a little one or in the middle of monogamy monotony?

Credit where credit is due: OPI "It's a girl" nail polish, Easy Spirit sandals (so cute in person, I don't think this picture does them justice, and they don't feel like heels. at. all.), Ruche dress, currently out of stock, but I bet he would've noticed me in that gorgeous green!

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