Summer Camp: Rock 'n Roll Allowed

Jena and I had a few conversations about personal pressure to get things done, and how it can pile up to stress. Somewhere in the conversation I realized how much we all need a summer break, even though it's something reserved for school age kids. Why is that?? Oh yeah, 'cause the bills don't pay themselves. But why not take the summer to have an excuse to put pressure aside and have fun. Play games, not as exercise but as a way to reconnect with people and nature. Have little activity centers like a summer camp: crafts, exercise, down time in the cabin, even mess hall duty. Yeah, we'll skip the bonfire where we burned rock 'n roll tapes and tee shirts if that's okay with you. But music is a good addition!

Take a moment: breathe in {deeply!}, and exhale all the pressure and expectations away. Watch them swirl away in the wind. Don't worry--they'll wait for you right around the corner and come back out to say hi when you're stuck inside for the winter. Let's do it again: breathe in, breathe out---shake off all the last little bits of self-expectations.

Hula Seventy has some great lists up, especially the Things I'd Tell My Seventeen Year Old Self and while I forget to read Hula Seventy as often as I'd like, her Summer List has motivated me to make my own. Mommy Coddle also has one {actually I saw hers first, pointed it out to Jena who pointed me towards the Hula Seventy one}. Mav has one too, though less structured, but it fully captures the spirit of what I'm saying.

Here are a few things I'd like to do this summer just for fun--no pressure, no expectations.

  • Sew a simple cotton dress for me!
  • Make a tent and sleep in it.
  • Try out making hypertufa.
The Dining Hall:
  • Can. can. can. {learn to use the pressure canner}
  • Dry fruits and veggies.
  • Make homemade ice cream. . .the real stuff. Close my eyes to savor every last bite since it won't help the 20 lb goal.
  • Try new restaurants but mostly eat at home. . . which leads me to:
  • Try new recipes.
  • Try new foods.
Down time:
  • Finish a few outstanding house projects, but do not add to the project list.
  • Read.
  • Take time to be still and enjoy the breeze.
  • Make friendship bracelets and mail them to friends with handwritten letters.
  • Write letters even without the bracelets. Maybe even find a pen pal.
Games and Outdoor fun:
  • Ride a bike {hmmm, car free weekends again?}.
  • Go to the lake {and maybe even go fishing...i know, gasp!}
  • Try water skiing again
  • Go to the beach.
  • Try surfing. {Ignore how uncoordinated I am.}
  • Go to the mountains (since I live in NC all three are just a short drive)
  • Try new wines. {What?!? That can be an outdoor activity!}
  • Play badminton
  • Kickball.
  • Bocce ball.
  • Scrabble hours away on the porch.
  • Go to the pool. A lot.
  • Go sailing with the Mr.
  • Play records while the sun shines through the windows. Introduce Mabel to Neil Young on vinyl.
  • Go to shows and shake my/your booty.
And even with cleaning, take the time to get outside when you can, you know? Don't use chemicals in your mop water so you can pour it on ornamental plants in the garden. Hang the laundry on the line and breathe in the fresh air as you do it. Linger a little longer than usual to feel the sun on your neck.

Alright! You ready to pack up the pressure and relax your way through the summer? Let's go!
What kind of summer camp are you ready for?


when skies are grey said...

I've always loved the idea of playing bocce ball or croquet with a drink in hand and a nice group of friends. Sounds like some nice goals. I wish I could get into the summer fun thing, but down here in Florida, it's mostly a grin-and-bear it type of season :)

Sarah said...

Did you really go to a camp where rock & roll tapes were burned?? please fill me in!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Oh yes, just one year. It was Camp Lurecrest {and I think I was 12 or 13?} and we had church 3 times a day and then if you were moved by the spirit you were supposed to bring your rock tapes (tee shirts, posters, whatever secular stuff you had) to the bonfire.