Vitamin D Time

Here are a few we're smack dab in the middle of summer pictures to lift your spirits if the heat is getting you down. C took an overnight trip with some friends Saturday night and M got me up at 5 on Sunday morning, so I took the opportunity to get out and work in the overgrown patch of weeds garden. I don't have many flowers {time to give 'em a good dose of fish emulsion}, so I picked just a few to keep by the sunny kitchen window, leaving enough outside for the birds, bugs and bees and for our viewing pleasure.

M officially has both bottom teeth through her gums, and now seems to be working on the upper ones. She was especially cranky last week {understandable} as the teeth formed, one side even appeared bruised for a day. We spent Friday afternoon on a blanket while Hi-C tuned his motorcycle. The first cucumber of the season was ripe for picking. If you're familiar with the process of teething you'll know there is an incurable desire for the little one to chew on everything. The cucumber ended up being the perfect chew toy {this is where my mom had a conniption because of choking hazards}. Before anyone gasps and tells me what a terrible idea that is, 1) she was gnawing and never really getting any meat off the cuke {though C and I would take bites every once in a while to enjoy the fruits of our labor} and 2) I sat by her side through the whole process.

Plus the cooling properties of cucumbers make them perfect anti-inflammatories, which is exactly what sore gums need, right? Just look how happy she is!

Did you get some Vitamin D time in this weekend?

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Ashley said...

Holy moley, she looks like a little blonde version of her mommy in this pic! Adorable. :)