Surveys are sweet and comments are better than cupcakes

What?!? A new download? Renee, you're amazing!?! I want to send you cupcakes as a thank you for all the wonderful things you do!

You do?!? Aw, shucks! You shouldn't! {But really, you should! Oh wait, I'm on Weight Watchers. I guess you shouldn't. Rats.}

Just in time for the weekend--how to build a raised garden bed, cause homegrown veggies shouldn't cost an arm and a leg and frankly, it pisses me off to see overpriced trendy kits. Ummm, people. . .it's 4 pieces of wood. That shouldn't cost you a paycheck!

Go on over to Modish, check it out, and leave a comment about something gardening related. 'Cause I think comments are better than cupcakes.

Oh yeah, and if you've got gardening questions or want to see particular content, fill out the survey to let me know whatcha really really want!

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