After all the planning and forethought and all that jazz, the bedroom "progress" is moving in reverse.

We had a little surprise Friday afternoon when Mabel decided it was time to learn to stand. Now she splits her time between standing and scuttling around on her belly, still not taking full advantage of those muscles she's been building in her arms and legs. I think as soon as she realizes how much faster she can go when she lifts her belly off the floor she'll be full-on crawling. In the meantime, it's a lot of scooting and climbing over things {i.e. me, when I'm laying in bed reading} which has made falling off the bed/couch/you-name-it a lot more real. It also means she can grab a button off the floor and have it in her mouth before it registers in my meager brain what exactly is going on.

Ummm, yeah, so we thought we could take it slow and easy baby-proofing the house. Mabel is telling us otherwise, so desperate measures were taken. First things first? The bed. We never loved the bed well-enough to put it in storage, so I listed it on Craigslist and had about 10 interested parties within 5 hours of posting. Some guy is coming to get it today. When we get another bed frame {C doesn't know this yet} I'm convinced it'll be a Case Study. {Possibly the Alpine?}

All these milestones in mobility just in time for me to crack the spine on The Lost Art of Walking.

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