Baby Got Bike

Speaking of full-time hobbyist. . .

I loved my Schwinn, but it had a steel frame (I know some people like them. . .me, not so much) and didn't shift gears properly making it a fight to ride. So I found a new-ish Raleigh Retroglide 7 for under $100 on Craigslist in the fall and it's been waiting for the maiden voyage so patiently ever since.

The previous owner took off the fenders, { I know, BOO, right??} and added a cup holder {Weird.} and "upgraded" to a different seat, which I don't like as much as the cheap Schwinn cushiony seat I had on the last bike or as much as I'd like to see it with fancy color-coordinated factory seat. . .but whatever. It's a bike to ride and it's still very cute! Navy with yellow accents and white wall tires. I'm ready to take up the kick stand and start car free weekends again.

But we need to get Miss M armored up in protective gear. Anyone out there have any suggestions? A cycling specialist suggested the Giro infant helmet and pointed me towards an article on commuting with kids, which had great things to say about the Topeak BabySeat.
Got a kid and enjoy a nice day on a bike? What did you do to get back to bicycling around town once there was the big addition?

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