Why can't I be a full time hobbyist?

We've dubbed our house Sweet Haven, in reference to one of our favorite movies as well as our cohabitants. As our place evolves into the master plan {as the master plan evolves into the master plan, as well} paying homage to the bees seemed a good next step.

A few years ago I asked for money for my birthday to buy a beehive, but never got the hive. Instead I think I spent the money on the pond? I dunno, I can't really remember. Then a few weeks ago I thought I'd get a jump start on C's birthday gifts, so I ordered him a bee hive. We'd talked about having a hive about 3 years ago, the first time we noticed the bees that live in between the walls and the brick of our house swarming.

The bees swarm yearly now. For the past 3 years we've called a Master Beekeeper to come out and take the swarm. It's a fascinating process, one I'm eager to learn, even if that little voice keeps saying finish up something before you start something new. Next time yell at me little voice. Shake me by the shoulders, but maybe do that when no one else is around or they'll think I'm having seizures, not listening to reason.

In my mind I'd had that conversation with C many times since the actual talk, so I decided this was the year for the bees. Without consideration of the additional responsibilities that accompany our newest and cutest family member, I went ahead and ordered the hive then remembered to ask if C was still interested in beekeeping. Well, our plates are pretty full, a fact that my OCD brain can't comprehend {thoughts go in and run circles around my brain until someone breaks through with reason} and Hi-C was the voice of reason. Crap.

Plus I'd already ordered the hive. . . uh oh.

Now it's sitting on the back porch in 2 boxes, waiting for assembly, and if I really want bees I'm going to have to add another hobby to my repertoire. There are so many things I want to try and so few hours in a day to get them done. Why can't I be a full time hobbyist?

Oh yeah. . .health insurance.


Jessica said...

You have bees living in your walls? Their honey could do damage to the structure of your house, and you might want to have them removed. I dunno. You've probably already talked to people who are in the know.

But get bees! They're awesome and really not that much work compared to all your other projects. Just get them before the end of June or they may not have enough time to produce all the honey they need for winter.

Erin Lang Norris said...

I know what you mean...so many interests and not enough time! There are a TON of things that I want to do (beekeeping is one of them!) but, like you, I just don't have time for it all. It makes me wonder about the people who spend all of their non-work time on the couch. How do they not have all these ideas and thoughts swarming around their heads?! What do they even think about?? That's my biggest question...

A full time hobbyist would be a great gig. Especially in the summer. Think about all the stuff you could do!

Let me know if you get there. :)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Jessica--My parents checked into the bees when we moved back into the house {when I was a kid}. The beekeeper they talked to said it would be really expensive and not enough of a worry to warrant the expense. Fast forward 20-odd years and we asked a different beekeeper who said moving the bees out would leave enough residue to create a terrible ant problem {other beekeepers have said other things}. We just decided to leave them be. Apparently they're pretty good at cleaning up after themselves...maybe because it's a finite space? We have an agreement, though. We don't charge them rent so long as they don't bother us ;)

Erin--We need to come up with a master plan to convince the world "Full-time Hobbyist" is a meritorious career...then we can start hobby conventions full of all sorts of useless information break out groups and expand our knowledge base at break-neck speed!