I have a new distraction fantasy: to buy a cheap piece of country land and plop a Shepherd House right down in the middle of it.

{houses via Handmade Charlotte}

Also check out these beach huts {another Handmade Charlotte find} I think they'd function just as well in this little Monday morning fantasy of mine.

At our real house, the one crowded with crap we can't seem to let go of, green has taken over. Although I didn't get outside to take pictures this weekend, it looks like we're going to have a nice little crop of blackberries this year, we might get around to trying out cardoons if for no other reason than to keep the gigantic plants in check {although I don't think they work out so well for those of us on diets}, and I need to figure out a way to convince Hi-C to give fennel a try.

{Anyone have any good recipes that might work for appealing-plate-present fennel?}

One blueberry bush is going nuts, the other is clinging to life by a sprig. The satsuma orange is back with a vengeance. The lemon tree didn't make it through the scale scare.

I stopped for a second yesterday to take in all the plants in the backyard and realized just how many perennial edibles we have. Plus we have the 2 still-immature apple trees and I've added elderberries and American cranberries to the yard.

Ultimately I'd like to also have something of a jungle of self-sowing vegetables that gets wilder by the year. I love how you plant tomatillos once and you never need to plant them again. That's my kind of food, one that takes care of itself {and not in the scary sort of Round Up corn kind of way.}

I wonder what will happen if we decide not to stay in this home for the long haul.


Kate F. said...

Ah-HA! I thought I'd transcribed this recipe back a million years ago... Have you ever braised fennel? I am only a moderate fan of it raw in salads and so forth, but braised makes it much milder and it has sort of a fascinating texture. Worth a try? I'll put the link in my name/URL link.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Yum, thanks! OK, I'll bite! (heh)