keeping modesty in check

{To see this image with the plants labeled, click here}

After yesterday's list of what is up and happily growing I knew I needed to take some pictures.
There are other things coming up as well, but you can't see them in the pics--native hibiscus, Autumn Joy sedum, cone flowers and black eyed susans.

Then there are the unnoticeable blossoms, the blueberries, the green and gold tucked under a child-sized bench by the pond and the blackberry briars in a "wild" mulched area in the middle of the yard.

No, we're not planning on moving, but these are the plants I think would be mowed right over if we did move out. It's hard to remember that I'm just a temporary keeper of a plot this plot of land. Even if we buy the house, I'm still just tending the space.

Isn't that really how we should all view gardening? It's not that we really have control of much--I mean we can enhance elements, but in all actuality beauty of it lies in nature's own ideals, not our own. How's that for keeping modesty in check?

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