We lost an hour but look what we accomplished!

What a weekend! Here are a few things I worked on:

*a quick update to my mom's shop, Beach Comber, with some colorful summer-inspired prints;

*dirt dishin' on Modish;

*lots of Li'l M tending since she got her second round of vaccines on Thursday (poor kid!);

*took the sister nightstand the one in the nursery and made the bottom drawer a recharging station. Just call me Martha. One of these days we'll strip off the old polyurethane and finish it to match the nursery one. Until then, it's sitting prettily in all it's used vintage glory in the corner keeping the cat food elevated enough to discourage the dogs from snarfing it all up.

*C worked on the kitchen. I'll have some updates tomorrow that may make you wonder about my sanity, but {despite the mad mess} there is progress. Yep, you read that right--progress in renovations even with a 5 month old! {See sneak picture that looks like a bowl of butter but isn't.}

*AND! While not having a kitchen functioning at 100%, being fairly tired 99% of the time, and trying to keep up with the cat hair tumbleweeds, I still managed to make it through the weekend with an adequate and appropriate number of calories. {I'm slipping this in here fairly innocuously to both announce that I am on Weight Watchers and to be held accountable for it. Oh My Stinkin' Heck has lost 38 lbs on it, maybe I can, too!}

Then maybe there will be a few pictures of soon-to-be-little ol' me on this blog instead of projects around the house. Speaking of which, I wonder how many activity points I'll get for all these tasks.

I know, kinda dull for a Monday mornin' post, isn't it? I think I sprained my ankle on this whole spring forward thing.

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