As a mom you wear it well

Yesterday I wrote a job description for my dream job and pasted it to facebook. A lot of responses were that I'd written the "stay at home mom"/"work at home mom" job description. {Dare I get into the redundant nature of the phrase "work at home mom" and just how offensive it is?--nah. That's a soapbox for a different time.} Which is true, the description included all of the joys of being a mom, but eliminated all the tough parts, too, which are a big part of mom-dom.

[Renee] would like a job that allows her to roll out of bed at 7 AM, throw on some comfy jeans, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, draw, play with Mabel, smile, laugh, act silly, stick her hands in the dirt, contribute to society, make a healthy, tasty meal, then clock out and enjoy a leisurely evening with her family.

It also got me thinking about a work uniform for a mom and what you would need. Rugged, durable, lasting items. Part sassy, part tough, 100% Rosie.

Which takes me back a few years to my one year stint as a Caribou Coffee Manager. I had a Rosie the Riveter action figure in my office and the DM told me to take it home, due to its potentially offensive nature.

See, my brother bought it for me when I was in the hospital (for 10 days or something ridiculous like that) with pneumonia. I kept it on my desk because it reminded me that I'd been through worse things in my life, I would make it through a year in that corporate hell hamster cage.

Anyway, so Rosie, yeah, she's a good symbol for me, and though I don't weld yield a riveter, being a mom is tough work and a different kind of riveting. I think that's a look that suits me well.
Links: Rosie's Workwear, Birkenstock Garden Clogs, Flipside Hats (I got one for Mabel for Christmas from Cat in an Apron), Brass Belt, Obi Belt

More info on Rosie.


Lisa H. said...

Hey, I just stumbled across your blog. Hope you don't mind if I stick around. ;)

I think anyone who carries around the notion that being a stay at home mom is easy has probably never attempted the job. My limited (in comparison to motherhood) experience with child care has taught me that, while rewarding, it's exhausting. And I haven't babysat for more than a couple day stretches at a time.

And I fail to see how a Rosie the Riveter action figure could be potentially offensive anymore than, say, a Martin Luther King Jr. action figure could be. Anyone who would be offended by that probably isn't someone worth concerning yourself over, haha.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Please do stick around! I totally agree--someone like that isn't worth worrying about. Fortunately, I'm no longer in the position to need to worry about that particular lady!