Sit down and sow

Sorry for the bad pics, and YES, I know it's a mess, but there is progress and that's what counts. The counters have been waxed with spoon oil {with a special thank you to Stephanie Congdon Barnes for the recipe and inspiration}. What you may or may not be able to see is the stool that no longer functions as the support for the bar end of the counter. The leg is actually a wood dowel that is about 2-inches in diameter. It came from one of the closets we demolished to make the laundry room, as did the wood frame support under the bar. They'll be puttied and sanded and painted the same glossy off white as the metal cabinets.

But just look at the color of the counter tops, so rich and warm. Makes you want to sit down and sort out some seeds to sow for spring, doesn't it?

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