New Contest Starts Today!

Maybe you're a little tired of seeing these designs over and over again? That's ok, I understand. I'm working on some new wares for the Handmade Market coming up May 1, and that's why you're seeing so much repetition. It's a project in the works: tea towels, napkins, whatever use you can think of for a beautiful piece of fabric. (We use tea towels and napkins for burp clothes, hand towels, general kitchen rags, hankies and so on.)

Ah the magic of a multi-use product with the delicate and detailed line drawings you've come to expect from Wolfie and the Sneak. What could be better?

How about a contest?

1 entry for each of these (you can do each once, once a day):
Tweet (use@wolfienthesneak), blog, facebook it--spread the word somehow and post a comment with a link here.
Become a WatS fan on facebook.
Follow me on Spoonflower.

3 entries for a purchase or a pre-order from the Big Cartel Shop!

What will you win? Geez, you want to know that, too?
A tea towel and a set of cloth napkins, that's a $45 value! Hooray!

The contest will be open through April 7, when I will pick a winner at random and start shipping out the new products. Alrighty, here goes nothin'!

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