loose dreams lost in the drafts

Phewy! Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had Master Composter class. Then a long afternoon of working on spreadsheets for taxes. Then a day of laundry {with a little bit o' breakin' out the Gocco!} I did get 3 plants in the ground on Saturday and dug up 2 good sized fig bushes {1 to give away and 1 to move to the front yard}, made a quick drawing that may or may not turn into a print and added some designs to my spoonflower account.

Soon you will be able to buy Wolfie and the Sneak tea towels and whatever other fabric goods my little crafty hands can whip up.

I also ordered 5 yards of the new pattern so I can reupholster our new used 1970s Plycraft version of the Eames Lounge. If all goes well, that too will end up in the WatS shop.

What d'ya think? Getting too lofty in my aspirations?
How was your weekend?

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