I can go to there

Yesterday I was catching up on Stephanie's blog and this post sounded like I (well, my deep, innermost, honest blogging self) wrote it. So I typed her a quick little email saying, "Yeah! That's me! I've let jealousy overtake my work, lost a friend, probably alienated several more, and came out of it all beaten down and feeling like drawing/painting/making were no longer my allies." I felt like they betrayed me; I still get that tinge when I see certain styles that hit really close to home. I want to say, "Hey, that's my niche. My dig." Like no one else should have the same interests as me because they're stepping on my livelihood. What did I say to Stephanie?

"Remember, their success doesn't equal our failure."

I wonder when I'll ever be able to take my own advice? Steph talks about honesty and being real, and we all want to say our blogs are real, but are they? We are, after all, selling a product, selling our goods and by blogging selling ourselves in conjunction with our goods on some level, so we want the packaging to stay pristine and pretty. Shrink wrapped, shiny, optimistic little artsy fartsy roses, right? Well, I'm a dinged up box, and I'm okay going to be okay with that.

I captured this image from the NYTimes (I think?) of the Human Empire image (below, right) and my own pink fist (I made a few things with that graphic several years ago). It's a common enough image: fist for strength; obvious meaning: feminine=pink. A billion different people would come up with the same concept when working out a design, whatever.

Why did I feel like I needed to capture this and put them side by side? Because it's an incredible reminder that I can do that, you know? If I want to take that path, I need to put my nose to the grindstone, but I can take it, and I can go to there.

I just have to skip the elevator and take the steps.

How about you? Ever feel that way? What pulls you out of the muck? What keeps everything in focus?


Jessie said...

Excellent advice, Renee. Their success doesn't equal your failure. I love it. I needed to hear it, too.

Stephanie DosReis said...

You rock it mama! I'm so excited for all the things your doing AND you have a new baby! Being an artist and a mama is HARD work and your are a sucess at both, don't forget it!