Paths and Trails

There is no denying my adoration for Ms. Gee to the Tizzee. I discovered You Grow Girl (the book) right as I was starting to grow my own roots at what is now Chez du Sneak. This was all just about the same time Mr. C came along and I met Wolfgang, the then-8-week-old puppy.

Since then, all sorts of things that can be described in plant metaphors have happened, but I'll spare you. I guess I was on the path (oh geez, puns may be unavoidable) towards gardening, but Gayla Trail definitely fostered my interest with an easy to learn, casual approach, dispelling the myth that gardening is for grannies. Gardening has been my punk rock show: the outlet for pent up frustration towards yuppified, expensive, yet mediocre-quality, "natural" food, the knowledge-is-power-put-some-seeds-in-the-ground-and-tip-your-watering-can mother f****** activism a single, non-GMO seed can inspire.

So today I celebrate! A new book at my front door, waiting for the spine to be cracked open, and another copy that will be part of the celebratory first post of gardening season for Petals and Pedals over on Modish.

Don your gardening gloves in agricultural anarchy, celebrate with me, and get out and grow!


Jeana Marie said...

I love how you describe your gardening thoughts -thanks for the laugh, you.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

haha, anytime! I'm glad to have people laugh at? {ahem} with? me.