As the dust settles

Heh. I left this blog with some gorgeous old photos of the house. If you could see it today, you'd wonder about our sanity ** and wonder what happened to that idyllic home.

First I should preclude any other events by stating this: If you're at Ikea and you decide to buy a sink, it might follow that you would also buy a new faucet at the same time, to avoid a trip to the hardware store. Buying a faucet at Ikea doesn't exempt you from a trip to the hardware store. Their water lines are often too short to reach the previous connection/turn off valves, and if they're a good length they still require a male/male adaptor that is 1/2" and 3/8". {If you don't believe me, please listen to Duane. He has a lot to say on the topic.} This is something we didn't figure out until elbow deep into the project and C had googled "installing Tärnan." Nope, don't search specifics, search "Ikea Faucet installation" or "installing Ikea faucet problems" or something along those lines. That's where you get the good, juicy details of how to do it right from the people who've already cursed to high heaven their faucets. It'll save you a lot of trouble and apologizing but not an extra trip to the hardware store. Alright. Don't say I didn't warn you.

**I did take some pictures to show you what we're up to, but the dust has to settle before I can find the camera to upload them.

In the meantime, we're losing 2 closets in order to gain counter space in the kitchen. Laws of physics prevent the matter contained in the closets to compact half-size, so I've opened up Wolfie Digs again for a little while to get rid of some of my hard-to-part-with treasures. Take, for instance, this Yugoslavian version of a Hans Wegner folding rope chair. I love it. Oh how I love it, but I just can't keep it.

Other lovelies will be added as the days go by. . .keep checking in, won't you?


zmister said...

Love love ur blog!!! You have such a fun way of writing and sense of humor! Its great! I would love to exchange links if you would like to? I have a baby blog called little miss heirlooms! Let me know!

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