Please don't commit me

Notice I'm all curse words and rebellious yelling one post and 100% domestic and excited about laundry the next? Yes, this is what happened to the short haired, force-her-way-to-the-front-of-the-Fugazi show 19 year old of x-many years ago. I don't know how it happened, but now I spend my time listening to Shellac while surfing MarthaStewart.com*.

Real tough.

{And yeah, I only talk about it because sometimes I want to go back to those times, until I remember the awkwardness of all of it, worried about boys and college classes and all.}

So yeah, here it is. . . an unveiling of sorts. A shy one at that, because in the back of my head I know it's nuts to try to do this and the kitchen simultaneously, on our own with a newborn {who may or may not be teething!?!}. Yes, we're nuts. Yes, that fact is embarrassing. And no ugly, dust-filled renovation pics yet. I'll spare you the gore and guts of a single doorway becoming a bi-fold door. It is. that. scary.

The plan is to create something of a laundry suite: reconfigure the closets, so the washer and dryer fit into the larger one (they're both about the same size now) and the smaller one will be a separate storage space.

That also involves changing a single door to bi-fold doors.

The alcove will house the ironing board and iron (which currently travel all over the house to any spot with a bit of free space on an as-needed basis) along with the sewing machine and notions for easy reach when a button needs replacing or when we want to sit down and sew a little something up.

*M's tips: organizing a laundry room, a few more tips,
stain release guide,

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Sarah said...

ha! This summer Julie & I re-read a ton of our old high school notes that I still have in a record box. I'll send you some next time you need a does of thinking about homework and boys.