sentimental reasons that hold no aesthetic value

A few days ago I lost my cool and waged war on the dust bunny pit also known as our living room. We have a lot of crap crammed into that room, and it was time to start parting with the clutter otherwise rationalized as collections. When not rationalized, the "collections" are merely pieces of junk we keep for sentimental reasons that hold no aesthetic value. Included in said junk was a painting of mine that was about 4' x 5' and housed many many layers of paint and even more memories; ghostly memories that held no place in the present. The painting came down and I put it out at the street with a free sign. It sat there for 3 days and I have a feeling the trash men took it away this morning. I put a lot of work into that beast, a lot of time and even a few tears and it was time for it to go.
But the ghost has left a big blank wall, a hole of possibility to fill and a perfect spot for a new piece of art. Anyone out there have a suggestion of an artist that could fill the spot? {The two artists above were ones I found on Enormous Tiny Art.}


katie said...

i just wanted to say that you are entirely too awesome for me to handle!

Erin Lang Norris said...

wow, good for you! i went through this phase when we moved over the summer...and i'm still going. it feels great. i get rid of anything, even if sentimental, that gives me the slightest bit of a tinged-feeling when i see it. i haven't missed anything so far.

it's funny that you are de-cluttering your living room while we are finally setting ours up. when we moved in, back in august, i told joe i did not want to put anything up in the living room. i wanted to live in the space for awhile, see how it felt and what it called for, then paint and gather art and accessories to fit.

well, 4 and a half months later, i decided that we are just going to work with what we have. painting is too far off in the distance to live with bare walls any longer!

anyway, as far as large piece artists, i'm struggling with the same thing right now. of course i will always love dolan geiman, but my work acquired 2 of his pieces so i get to see them there every day. I recently found out about aisyah ang, who sells on etsy, and i like her stuff a lot. have you seen her work?

well, cheers to a new year and reducing static! see you around.