Two projects--not holiday related

We've been busy around the house, not doing house-y stuff, just being crafty. Usually I spend a good portion of December crocheting scarves for the Winter Wear Drive, but since Big G's spending December in warmer climates, there just wasn't time to do one this year. Instead, I made a couple draft dodgers for the uber-drafty doors {hey! it's an environmental cause!} then gathered all the felt, batting and large pieces of fabric I could find and made some mats for dogs.

The mats are very simple, slightly cushioned and thick, almost like a doll sized quilt, but a bit more dense. The "filling" is batting sandwiched between 2 layers of craft felt. Two birds, one stone: making stuff for a cause and digging deep into project fabric destashing.

They'll their way to a rescue in the near future, to bolster {hopefully} a few pups from the cold hard concrete kennel floors. I plan on making more, but constantly changing plans go hand in hand with motherhood. If you have the time, you should make some, too! If you don't have time, remember, animal rescue groups usually have quite a lengthy list of needs.

While I've been stitching, Hi-C has been out in the garage building amps. This is the 2nd one and I *think* he's finished it now. There will be more--the man has turned into an amplifier maniac. Here he's thoughtfully pondering the amplifier madness.

What's keeping you busy these days?

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