Chunks'a Change

Everyone has been talkin'bout Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so a little run-down of some handy lists of wheelers and dealers is in order:

Buss Buss points you in the right direction here (and conveniently points to other lists at the bottom of the page);
PaperNStitch has a lengthy (to say the least) list of indie doers makin' good, Brittni has even coded them to make the best deals stand out! Look for the stars to find the hottest deals, and don't forget to read the comments section where tons of others have made special offers for PaperNStitch readers;
Wax Mama has a Smokin' Deals section, where you can find a Wolfie and the Sneak discount as well as good stuff from other Charlotte area shakers and makers.
{and while I wanted to keep this a list of lists, I have to mention Heather Smith Jones' Stock the Stockings sale--check it out!}

Yesterday I was rummaging through a box of shop stock from the last show I did, and found several prints I thought I'd sold out of, some products I've never listed before, and some supplies that inspired a new line of fun goodies. I've got them loaded up in the shop, ready for a willing and curious mind to scoop 'em up.

What's the new line, you ask? They just happen to be very affordable little originals--black and white paintings that come with a set of 8 paints for you. Remember? We draw, you color, and together we make sweet sweet art. . .except this time you paint!

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