happy monday!

Our house is in such disarray, I don't have the slightest idea where I might find a camera (much less the battery chargers), so no pics to update.


But there is good news--the floor has been laid, sanded and 2 coats of polyurethane applied. We're waiting for the second coat to dry and fully harden. The directions say wait a week. We might. We might only hold out for a couple days. (The guy at Home Depot convinced the Mr. to get oil based, which is not what I would've picked, but will work and will probably hold up better against 2 wild dogs.) In the meantime, the fumes were strong enough to keep us out of the house all weekend.

We got the rocker base on Friday and C put it on the chair before I even knew it had arrived. The man is busy busy and I feel pretty guilty standing around being tired and unproductive. {46 days to go?}

I have been doing a lot of day dreaming about what the room might become. . .a dining room? A casual den?Oh boy, thinking about dining room chairs again! We're ready to find ones we'll love for decades. These are all pretty affordable (except the Wegner Wishbone--upper right and in inspiration picture) which is $699. Considering some hospital bills are in our near future, one dining chair for $700 doesn't seem to be written in our stars.

The others are much more affordable--two are by Holsag Canada: upper left (Carlo - $62.19) and lower right (Courthouse - $173 ); and the bottom left is the Salt ($98) chair at DWR
image from Emmas Design Blogg (I think) via Living etc 02/2009.


Cheyenne said...

We have the Salt chairs- nicely made and quite comfortable. I had a hard time finding chairs that worked with the dining table (a 50s drop leaf dinette) and could go along whenever we upgrade to something that seats more than 4. I wanted vintage- but stuff was either too large in scale (Heywood Wakefield) or too Danish Modern for our house. Plus 4 of the Salt chair cost what one vintage chair can.

Jeana Marie said...

hello :) although it is wednesday, I thought I would just say happy monday to you too ... catching up on your posts after a busy few weeks - congrats on week 33!

ROBIN REDD said...

oh dreamy chairs!

ROBIN REDD said...

oh dreamy chairs!

salley said...

i thought this might be helpful, if you are ok with buying a knockoff. the pottery barn one is discontinued, which maybe is good since it kind of made my head hurt- so close, yet so not right.