Yeah, it's a whole lot of warm colors to throw at you this morning, but here's a couple pictures of the chair with its new rocker base and the new hardwood flooring. No, the chair won't stay in this room--it's going upstairs to the nursery (if and when there ever "becomes" a nursery).

We're both pretty confident this room will become the dining room, maybe with a desk off to one side. . .or maybe a small seating area. Who knows?!

As a dining room, we'll need to put a large area rug down to keep the dining chairs from scuffing and scratching up the floors we worked so hard on. And cheap is always a plus! A few I think would look good include a) a plain sisal or jute one in a natural color (added bonus--if they get messed up they'll biodegrade!), b) a colorful Ikea area rug that will look good with the red and continue the teal accents from the front hall, and c) a large, neutral rug with a sumptuous texture to soften the red walls (this one is also from Ikea, but a bit more than we'll spend, I'm sure).

Since all this talk is about finding a suitable, dignified room for us to feast, how about a recipe that I can't stop thinking about?

Heart of Light's oven baked zucchini fries sound like an exceptional idea!

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