Lucky us (us being you)! I've got 2 more ticket giveaways lined up for the near future--Micachu and St. Vincent. Both of these shows are a little close to my due date, so I won't be there (dangit!) but oh the joys of good music and a live show.

I recently bought the new Wilco album, and told C I was waiting for the brilliance to show itself. I'm still waiting for that brilliance, aside from a somewhat brilliant, obscenely crude metaphor that sprang to mind about self-pleasure (Mr. Tweedy's, not mine). That's all I'm sayin'.

Well, ok, the Feist duet and another song (maybe track 7?) are pretty good, and if you like Wilco for Wilco's sake, then it's fine. Me? I like to hear progression between albums. Ok, now, that's all I'm sayin.

Later today there'll be a little Trail talk on Modish. And sometime this afternoon we should be getting the rockers for the Eames fiberglass chair. Maybe we can make an ottoman out of the extra legs. . .hmmm.

Who knows what the weekend has in store, but I have a feelin' it's gonna be a good one! (I'm gonna go pick up one of these later this afternoon.)

I hope yours is good, too. What's up in your world?


Amy Urquhart said...

I've been wanting to get the new Wilco album, too. That duet is played on Sirius ALL THE TIME so I've kind of had enough of it already.

How's the baby's room coming along?

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Yeah, I've actually decided the album makes me want to pull out some Old 97s albums--the good songs on there sound like decent Old 97s.

The baby's room? It's a disaster. I have no energy these days--I go from work to walk for 30 minutes then seem to totally deflate until it's time to make dinner.

How's yours??