I've been obsessively reading home decor blogs such as
Design is Mine,
Desire to Inspire,
Down and Out Chic,
Kelly and Olive. . .some others. Scrolling and clicking my way through adventures on flickr.

The reality is that house things are moving slowly, I have doctor's appointments every other week (sometimes 2 a week), and then the life stuff that happens in between.

These days Mabel kind of rumbles around in my belly, tickling me and softly kicking, I try to tell Charlie about it, but it's hard to capture the words. Wondering what will happen at all these doctor's appointments. Today it's the obstetrician. The 20th of August I go back to see the specialist (and, in case you were wondering, they basically said her kidneys are abnormal, but it's nothing to lose sleep over. . . I'm not sure how to not worry about that, but am trying my best. Oh yeah! And since I'm at it, the glucose test came back normal, which is good, because being with child and without ice cream sounds absolutely terrible.

What does all this rambling on mean? Not much, just that I'm a bit too distracted to take pictures of my own, not doing any drawing, and generally just daydreaming of a danish, beachy, modern, mid century, relaxing, 50s summer camp, lodge-y, country cottage. Does such a thing exist?

And while I'm on a random tangent--when did it happen that buying furniture on sale and clearance became a cheaper alternative to the thrift store? Or is that just here in Charlotte?


Christina said...

thank you for the kind mention. i'm sending warm thoughts your way regarding your baby and all those stinky dr's visits.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

thank you for the wonderful, inspiring blog! and for the warm thoughts. . .dr's visits are stinky.