Mabel Davis is up to eggplant status according to the weekly chart, but is squash sized according to the actual weight and dimensions, and will remain squash sized for several weeks (although I don't think she cares to much for that comparison with the acrobatics she's doing in my belly right now.) I think it's funny how people complain about the comparisons in the comments on the site. C'mon people, they're not actually calling your baby a squash, they're just trying to give you a little bit of an idea of what's goin' on in there.

'Cause if that were the case, I definitely would've been too heebied out to eat eggplant for dinner last night (straight from the garden with homegrown onions, garlic, and green tomatoes with store bought jasmine rice and an impromptu peanut sauce.)

You'll soon see WatS's on a return flight to Little Paper Planes. It's been a while since we've restocked anything...'cause, well, life gets in the way sometimes, but we're definitely excited to be back!

We did get the flooring yesterday, but with solid flooring you are supposed to let it acclimate to the room where you'll install it (this way it absorbs or releases the typical humidity of the room), so there will be no major flooring action until Sunday.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming of using the extra flooring scraps for something like this day bed in the alcove off the den. {Image by Kathryn Russell via Desire to Inspire.}

and some recent favorites on flickr--thinking it would be fun to paper a bathroom in some of the old maps I have. . .but how quickly would I get sick of them?
{Click the image to view all the juicy details. As for credits: big photo to left: www.rachelwhiting.co.uk/photo_2652472.html/1. Maps as decor: Beachy nautical bedroom, designed by Steven Gambrel, 2. Nautical chic: Beautiful beachy blue + white bathroom + maps wallpaper, 3. DSC_6674, 4. Such Profusion, 5. Kitchen - After, 6. I love my maps.}


Jeana Marie said...

i'm eyeing off the 'nudist' colony ring thingy on the wall ... would be just the thing for n's room ...

hope your little maybel is going well :)

Heavy Petal said...

I called Lila "the lentil" throughout my pregnancy, because that was how big she was when I found out I was pregnant. I still ate lentil soup.

Love the map idea... have always wanted more of them in my life.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Haha, yeah, that nudist colony float is strange, huh? Mabel is swimming around in there--she's moving a lot these days!

Lentil is a good one, too. My mother in law calls her Sprout, even now that it looks like I swallowed a basketball.