I impulse bought some wallpaper on eBay, and now it's out in my car--the box is 20 pounds--no joke! Four rolls of hand screened wallpaper, in the navy and peacock blue that I've been drooling over lately. I don't know where I'll put it, but maybe I'll find a good place for it this weekend. But really, WHY did I buy more wallpaper? I have enough projects to last me several years so I don't really need to add to the list. But now I've got it, and I can dream about what to do with it when I do have the time. (Anyone wallpapered with a kid in a sling?)

I told Charlie about my impulse buy, and he decided he got an impulse buy, too. A Wii game?, I asked. Nope. Noise canceling headphones? Nope. You know what that crazy guy bought? 2 new sets of sheets for our bedroom! I'm not sure that counts as an impulse buy, but I'll definitely reap the rewards of it.

It's almost time to start laying the hardwoods; first we'll use a leveling compound to make sure all the little dips and raised areas are smoothed out, then we can get to seeing the progress. This, my friends, is a very big deal--bigger than my belly big! BIG!

Maybe when we rejoin on Monday I'll have some pictures for you! In the meantime, won't you join me over at modish for a little taste of the tropics at home?


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

I've also been obsessing over home interior blogs. Maybe it's a prego thing? LOVE that wallpaper! Who designed it? xo, Abbey

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Ooo--any good links to share for interior blogs?
Lessee--the scaly wallpaper was designed by John H Jacoby for Bailey and Griffin and is called Madurai Companion. The other one is Alan Campbell "Criss Cross"
I don't know much about either, except that Bailey and Griffin seems pretty posh online.

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Pretty much the same as the ones you've been reading. Remodelista is my fave and I've been going through their archives to quench my insatiable prego nesting urges. Pathetic, I know. :)

Amelia Morris said...

that wallpaper is fantastic.