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(left) Lisa Solomon will have one of her 3 new body part prints available on Tiny Showcase tonight.

(right) Isn't that the most beautiful cheap utility sink you've ever seen? Poppytalk Jan is a DesignSponge guest blogger this week and she did a tour of Sarah Hartill's home. This is Hartill's basement. Yep. Basement.

(left) All the super cute tunic tops Thimbly Things makes are killing me. I bought some cheap maternity clothes from Old Navy and The Gap, and every last thing is about 3 sizes too big. Not the sort of "too big" for a growing belly, but too big for the shoulders and my chest.

One of my coworkers told me she made all of her maternity clothes. Talk about compounding the guilt on the shoulders of a crafty lady! Geez, I can't even stay awake through the afternoon, much less accomplish something! So yeah, if you're feeling pretty good about all the things you do, and are looking for a hefty dose of inspiration, I suggest you check out Thimbly Things. If not, we'll meet back here at 3:00 PM for our daily 3-hour nap, mm-k?

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