Whatta weekend, I spent the entire day yesterday working on taxes. Yep, just starting. Nope, not fun; especially with one fully self-employed person and one artist/dreamer/part time shop merchant. I did a lot of checking and double checking reimbursables for legitimacy.

Saturday morning was the first day back at the Farmer's Market and it felt good to volunteer again. It's hard to get in social time between working a full-time job and home stuff (which now includes any art time I get. . .I gotta fix that), so it's nice to get out, talk to people and see faces I haven't seen since the cold drove us all out of the gardens and into the house.

Oh and the fresh food. Yummm.

Before the walk up to the market Saturday morning, Mr. C went out side to let the chickens out and stirred a bird up from the grass. Frightened, it flew straight into one of our windows and landed in the chicken coop, dazed and very much confused.

I was inside, heard a loud "Sh*t" and ran outside to check on C when he said a dove flew into the window. We walked around to where it landed and found this big guy. He (she?) was about the size of a mourning dove, but marked quite differently. Then we both saw that beak. What a beak it was -- 3-4 inches long, unlike any of the birds we see in our backyard, and certainly not one drawn to the seed feeders hanging throughout our trees!

Wise woman Carol, whom we saw at the Farmer's Market, identified it as an American Woodcock. We kept the hens housed up til the bird got some rest, recovered, and flew away. Despite the unfortunate events leading up to seeing the bird, it was really cool to see it that close, in person, and get to learn about a new-to-me species.

What did you learn this weekend? Did you get outside and hunt for eggs?

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