Yesterday was a day to spend outside, if ever there was one. I've been trying to ignore the computer after a 6 hour work day in front of one, so yesterday I did just that. Instead I got home, fed the goldfish in the pond, let the cats outside until Huggie decided to go after a mole. Back inside he went, and then I let the hens out.

The Sneak, the cat that runs the house and rules the dogs, is afraid of the hens, so he curled up under a bush while they roamed around.

Later, in the evening, we picked up the remaining five girls. Now we're at full chicken capacity.

Hi-C has the day off and is tilling a big patch of the neighbor's yard. Yep, we're expanding food growing into the neighbor's yard. We've gone nuts. And this afternoon we're going to get 2 apple trees and perhaps a couple blueberry bushes.

My youngest memories of the house we're in are of picking apples in the back yard. Those trees have long since been chopped down, so I think it's about time for them to be replaced.

other fun things out in blog world today:
Somehow I've been missing out on mint, a design blog by a fellow NCer. Don't make the mistake I did, go see what she's all about--your life will be better because of it.
Pink Shirts & Car Wrecks are guest blogging on SF Girl By Bay while Victoria is out of town.
Tell me Flower Press' raised garden beds are not the most beautiful things you've ever seen.


Chocolate and Steel said...

Oh wow! You just made MY day now:) I'm glad that more people were able to discover your wonderful blog. I really enjoy "experiencing" your way of life. You have a natural way of being natural:)
I admire your work as well, so that just makes it an even more pleasurable read.
all the best,

flowerpress said...

Thank you Renee :-) I will pass on the compliment. Actually, I think my vegie bed would go really well with your loverly chicken coop!!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thank you so much Christine--I really appreciate that. I try and try :)
Flowerpress--that's a good pairing, if I do say so myself!