I'm taking a break for a while from putting my drawings out into the great big world. I'll be behind a lens or up to my elbows in dirt with ideas and thoughts pouring out of my head and hopefully into art.
Perhaps you'll see me at shows this fall, or come across a significant part of who I am in one of the shops that stocks my work?
I need to check and make sure I care less about what others think and how many sales I have and more about what I am putting into the world.
Of course, the etsy shop is staying (I'm not sure how much I'll be stocking it, but we'll see), and Peer is still going strong, but for a while I'll be quiet and reacquainting myself with the significant pieces of living.
Make sure you check in on me at Modish every Friday, and soon I'll be blogging a little for IndieNC, as well!

And, of course, I love emails, feel free to post comments and keep in touch!
Love and peace--

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