Yesterday I noticed a whole bunch of people stopping by and saying hi, so off to my Stat Counter I went, checking to see who was pointing them my way. It was Christine, of Chocolate and Steel, in her etsy Storque spotlight--so today I want to send a huge thank you to Christine for sending new friends my way, and for the great honor of saying Wolfie and the Sneak is her favorite blog!! Seriously!?!? Thank you, Christine!! That made my day, so much so, that last night as me and Hi-C were laying in bed, recapping the day and talking about work/living, I went on and on about how much it meant to me.

Indie Fixx is having a giveaway and I thought posting about it is a good idea because 1) IndieFixx is fun to read, 2) Jen is radder than rad, 3) writing about it and posting a link to your favorite items in the giveaway is one of the so-easy-you-gotta-try ways to win!
There are so many goodies to be had, and a lot of cool shops to sort through, which makes me resistant to choose one that's a little bigger than the one-man/woman operations, but c'mon! Chronicle Books?? They are like book lover's candy, with well-designed covers, fun layouts and lots of DIY titles. I want, nay, lust after the one that has Lace Knitting to Go (by Andrea Tung), Home Sewn (Kaari Meng) & “Little Notes” card set (by Susie Ghahremani).
And while you're there, you might as well wander around Indie Fixx, check out the shop (ahem, especially this hotness) and don't miss the Galleria.

If I were asking for birthday presents, I would ask for:


Anonymous said...

there's the coop, lookin good!! And you should've posted this little birthday list earlier my friend... Well expect a little something from me (not found on that list, but hopefully still enjoyable) to arrive on your doorstep tomorrow! :)

heather smith jones said...

Happy birthday Renee! I hope your day is fabulous :)

I saw that article, and sent out a little cheer for you :)