Fall is officially in full force, the leaves have started their slow, colorful show, and nuts seem to be raining from the sky. No, I'm not being dirty, I mean the pecans and chestnuts growing in the back yard.

I've been drinking seasonal pumpkin beers, just because it seems appropriate (one of which tasted like faintly beer-tinged pumpkin pie, it was weird).

Since tomorrow is October 1, the calendars will start shipping (and the price will go up to the regular price of $25) as will Peer! Yes, if you want to get them both in one transaction, I have a few copies of Peer available through my etsy shop as well.

Enough with the business stuff, right? Let's get back to those falling nuts. Me and Mr Sneak spent a late afternoon picking up pecans discarded by attention deficit squirrels to spread out and dry inside. Post pecans picking, we scavenged for good sized chestnuts in the yard, which was entertaining enough to keep us busy for a good while! Throwing sticks into the tree to make the nuts bursting open fall a little before nature warranted (this way we get them and the squirrels don't), then walking carefully, head down, looking for the prize. There were a few games of chestnut golf and baseball, then I finally felt the urge to cook a healthy, satisfying, slightly adventurous meal. It was, if I do say so myself, the most amazing Fall inspired dinner--Roasted chestnuts and butternut squash, with sauteed onions and pears, a bit of both sage and cumin with cheese grits on the side. Okay so the photo isn't fantastic, but I haven't been very inspired to cook since the big trip to Chicago, so I felt like I needed to capture the moment. Lots of autumnal colors in the meal, too, huh?

Tonight there will be Bar Be Que (not for me, of course) and chef made sides at the Matthews Farmer's Market 2nd annual fundraiser. With a little bit of bluegrass to boot!

On a final note for today's ramblings, I like to get Hi-C a thank you gift for accompanying me to shows. The thank you gift for Chicago Renegade was a Post Family poster of cameras. It came quickly and beautifully packaged. He opened it and we went on a scavenger hunt around the house finding his cameras that matched the ones on the poster. Now I just gotta get it framed. . .and find some wall space. Hmm.

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Jackie said...

Thank you so much for the link! I LOVE your work, going to post about it on my blog :)