31 is about to pick up where 30 left off (in a couple weeks) and with each day I have to face my adultness more and more. Not that 31 is old, it just warrants me to watch TV shows that used to be a foreign concept to me.

Some notes on what I did this morning (aka a clever way to link to some nice blogs) :

My messes aren't nearly this pretty.
Speaking of being in the mood for Pumpkin.
Yes, it really is Simply Lovely.
Every day is a Happy Day.

The Sampler has some new products out (a $20 bargain of awesomeness: a stationary themed Mini-Sampler! and an $18 Portland City Sampler!) Alison, you're killing me with temptation.

I'm running behind on some of my own deadlines (my own new coloring book was supposed to be finished several weeks ago) and new product photos, including those of Peer in it's physical form (enough of these virtual teasers, right?). . .and me and my love are taking a small vacation to the mountains this weekend to stay in an old tiny one room cabin, do a bit of wine tasting and hiking. Maybe even a bit of quiet morning reading over hot oatmeal and coffee, silently appreciating our company in one another as the mountain fog lifts.

We will also be very close to this fabric shop.

Perhaps a little too much excitement for one week? Or maybe just enough. . .

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