Wow, I've been distracted from this blog for a bit, huh? Next week is the Eat Carolina Food Challenge, so I've been gearing up for that. There is a contest involved and the winner gets an entry pass to a sustainable farming symposium, which I'm really interested in winning.
I finished Plenty last night, and their experience sounds a lot more difficult than mine (ours--the Mr. is in on it, too) will be. I've already found local dairy, grain, and rice!
Yesterday I drove out into the country and bought some fresh goat milk, and made yogurt last night. It didn't thicken like I wanted it to, so I'm going to try to heat it up again when I get home. See if that kicks the bacteria into action.
The weekend holds lots of fun in store--this afternoon I'm going to start a batch of goat milk feta, wine and homemade hummus tonight with a friend, serious play time with the puppies, my first stint volunteering at the local Farmer's Market, perhaps some trips around the area with new tires and the new cart via bicycle, and camping out on some friends property on Mountain Island Lake--with the dogs in tow! I'm going to bring my sketchbook along for that, as I begin a new process of noticing and documenting my community.
So if I don't make it back here for some non-food related fun in the next couple days, it's because of the holiday weekend, and all the other fun in the sun activities scheduled!


cutiepiespacepop said...

ok...i can't keep silent ANY longer!!!

how much do i love, love, love this blog....man, even i am still finding out. so much you write about is currently happening in my life and i am so entertained by your version. Plenty was a great book and a super fast read for me. i thought the same thing about it being easier for me than for them...being from the south, we luckily have "plenty" to eat.

YEA for you and your awesome blog...my favorite one to read!


Kristin said...

ooh my...goat feta cheese sounds soo good..and hommus beans..mmmhhh..can I come and have a taste test..haha jk