in all actuality there were no ski masks involved

I thought it was only appropriate, this is Wolfie and the Sneak, after all, to show Wolfgang's (top) and Bill Murray's (middle) new summer do's!

It took a little bit of getting used to, on both of their parts, but I think they're settling into the short hair, appreciating the length during all this heat!

Several weeks ago (or was it last week?) I totally lost patience in the garden and just started planting seeds with total abandon. There was just too much organization and it drove me nuts, so I tucked all the leftover Giant Midori Soybeans, Clemson Spineless Okra and Burgundy Okra seeds wherever I thought they might fit. Seems the beans are coming up best around the corn and squash. There must be something to that 3-Sisters theory after all.

Me and the Mr spent the afternoon hand watering from the rain barrels, chatting about silly stuff, and calling each other Farmer.

Kris, the neighbor, brought over a big bag of squash. BIG squash. Lots of it.
I have yet to see a squash. I'm about to have it out with them things. But we have fresh squash, she gave us a ton of it, and oh boy, I can't wait to make Farmer Chuck grill it. ahem.

Other silly antics ensued (unfortunately. . . or fortunately? none of it involved drawing) and later on that night we donned black ski masks jumped in the pick-em-up and ran about town grabbing full bags of grass clippings. Farmer C nabbed 2 by bike (Do you see that trailer? Isn't it the hottest homemade bike trailer ever?) and I got 4 by truck. The Mr. drove the getaway vehicle. We were really covert and no one called the police.

Seems I have some major mulching to do this evening. . .or maybe I'll make crackers to have with the goat cheese I'll be making tomorrow. (Do you hear my gears turning?!?)

Using grass clippings will be my first step towards permaculture, which is an exciting prospect. I have to admit, I've been composting a while, but put all of the compost down to create a new bed for the hops (which are quite happy I did that!) and didn't save any for the vegetables. But if you couldn't tell, I have enough distractions that I'm not quite fully depressed.

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Kristin said...

AAWWW you have the two cutest dogs..Im in love with wolfie..haha