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these days I'm peddling (wares), petaling (garden), and pedaling my bike. in the spirit of the latter, I thought I'd share some bike-ish goodies I've been drooling over lately, as well as some other goodies related to 2-wheeled wonders.

Bonjour Mon Coussin pillow via Bloesem

not really a bike, but i can pretend it is, the red form on the bowl by Ninainvorm is quite bike like, don't you think?

beautifully calm photo by Lili Lemieux.etsy.com

me + c ring (I should probably avoid the use of c and ring in a sentence since I already get weird search result visitors looking for things like "sneak" + "sex" and throw in another random kinky word to make it even creepier)

Since we're riding 'round town for every last errand, I deserve a hat to cover helmet hair, don't I? I'm eyeing this one, $40 from Piper and Paisley. Of course, I've also had my eye on Terry Graziano's hats for a while, too. Maybe with the money I save on gas I can treat myself to both!

* * *
other bike lovin' inspiration in no particular order

velocouture on flickr

jena rose bag on modish (sold out, of course!), but the same print is available on her site as a pillow, hat, fabric storage bucket and as other items. as well as the chunky bicycle bracelet

critical mass

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