Still quiet and lazy around Sneakland.
Well, sort of lazy, considering we've biked about 3+ miles each day for the past 6 days. We'll miss the exercise tonight as me and the mr. go separate ways to bachelorette and bachelor parties (respectively).

No strippers. Just some beers and maybe some music for us gals, Thai food for the guys. And I bet we'll all make it to bed at respectable times.

Age is funny that way.

I've got work to do--shows and projects and ideas galore. The garden grant will begin soon. Me and Mr Sneak have taken bike rides for the past 6 days; 3+ miles each day. For regular bikers I'm sure that doesn't seem like a lot, but for this couch potato it is. And I'm feeling it.

Every little hill I conquer is a small victory. It's amazing the changes my body has gone through simply by switching from retail jobs to a desk job.


sorry for the boring update.

I did get some plants in the ground yesterday, though that's not thrilling news for anyone but me, either.

Hmmm, perhaps a third cuppa coffee is on the agenda for today.

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Anonymous said...

sounds fun!
and your bike is super cute.
enjoy your party :)