Bit by bit I'm updating my links, if I've forgotten you it's not intentional, and a little (big) nudge my way would help.
Or if you're up for link swapping--except I don't like weird companies I've never heard of before that sell thing's I have no use for asking to swap links. That's just. . .weird. It ain't gonna happen. But if you're a friendly interneter like myself, with good things to say on your blog, I'm probably up for swapping links.

Me and Mr. C went on separate but equally exciting thrift shopping trips yesterday. With the continual junk purging we do, thrifting has become something of a luxury. He found a Bernette 705 sewing machine (to add to an ever growing collection), and I found font-eriffic soup bowl that immediately made me think of Homegrown and the Bug's Sam (and the project we're working on), as well as a stack of 5 Noritake Up-Sa daisy cereal bowls in the same pattern as the dishes I grew up with.

Now the sad part obeying the 1 in, 2 out rule. . .

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